• Hi, I’m Lemu and lemuelsantos.com is my virtual land :)

    I am a web designer and web developer who loves to build beautiful and well structured web sites.

  • Assembly of God in Joinville - IeadJo
  • CommonPlaces
  • The Life Church
  • DemeadBlu
  • Drupal
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Photoshop
  • Terminal
  • CSS
  • I have been working with great Drupal shops in New England and Florida area, where I have the opportunity to be involved in huge and exciting projects. I also have a Computer Science Degree (FURB) that I completed when I was living in Blumenau, which is a really nice and beautiful Germanic city in the south of Brazil.
  • I currently work with the following technologies at my job: PHP, MySQL, XHTML, XML, CSS, jQuery (this is so cool) and of course Drupal. Yes, I’m part of the revolution, after so many years developing everything from scratch, I found my way with this incredible, super-hip and flexible CMS.
  • That’s it… This is what I do: beautiful and well structured Web Sites that matter and are easy to maintain and update. If you want to chat... Feel free to contact-me…

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